Bakery Fragrance Oil Collection

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Bakery Fragrance Oil Collection

Brownie BatterMouth- watering, authentic brownie batter- chocolatey, creamy, and sweet! So delicious, you'll want a spoonful.

White Chocolate CherryThe aroma of sweet maraschino cherries smothered in milk chocolate, with a sweet undertone of vanilla and nuts.

Orange Chiffon CakeAn orange pound cake type with top notes of butter cream, maple and orange, middle notes of cinnamon and heliotrope, with a sugary vanilla, Tonka bean base note.

Buttercream IcingA smooth and scrumptious buttercream icing. Buttery notes entangle with an enticing blend of creamy vanilla and powder with just a hint of lemon.

Our version of CinnabonA perfect mix of cinnamon and sweet glaze that is ooey gooey melt in your mouth good.

This product is our interpretation of the popular Cinnabon product.  Cinnabon, Focus Brands Inc. or Cinnabon Franchisor SPV LLC is not owned by or affiliated in any way with Bulk Apothecary or any of it's affiliated companies.  Bulk Apothecary is not  licensed by Cinnabon to produce this product.  It is simply our version of the popular product.  

Coconut MacaroonA delicious, sweet, and creamy coconut. Buttery top notes with nuances of strawberry and orange. Sweet, burnt sugar at the heart of the fragrance with cinnamon and peach. Coconut and powder round out the fragrance at its base.