About Us

At Nature's Oil we like to say that we have a healthy obsession with scent.  

We have all experienced a moment when we seemingly become transported in time by discovering a scent from our past. There are aromas we encounter that can immediately provide a feeling of well-being, motivation or comfort.  

The nostalgic connection we experience when indulging our senses isn't just a coincidence.  Our olfactory response is linked directly to the emotional center of our brain, controlling our memories, mood, behavior, and emotions.  The moment we encounter that aroma from the past we immediately take a personal and unique journey down memory lane.  Smell is actually our most powerful sense. It is more sensitive, precise, and above all other senses most immediately connected to our brain function.

In 2010 our family started the Nature's Oil line rooted in the appreciation for the amazing powers of scent.  We focused on Certified Organic Essential Oils but found that our family was constantly playing around with blends to create that perfect aroma.  We spent countless hours researching how scent affects us and overtime we began to realize that although aromatherapy was closely tied to essential oils, it was a much broader science that was even more closely related to any smell that could provide a feeling of well-being, motivation or comfort.  As we opened our minds to the true meaning of aromatherapy, we began carefully curating one of the nation's largest libraries of premium fragrance oils.  Today we have well over 500 unique scents that can bring you back to a moment in time that is uniquely yours.  

Safer than a candle, our amazing line of Essential Oils and Fragrances can be diffused in your home, office or car.