Aromatherapy Fragrance Oil Collection

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Aromatherapy Fragrance Oil Collection

Spa FragranceNot your typical spa scent, with herbaceous, green and water notes, the complex floral accords of jasmine and gardenia along with a fresh mint base transform this fragrance into a unique and interesting blend.

Lavender Chamomile - Lush lavender mixed perfectly with natural chamomile.

Eucalyptus Mint - A traditional medicinal eucalyptus type.

Sweetened Spa Waters Clear blue water infused with mint, cucumber, and eucalyptus over a sugared vanilla base, sure to cleanse and rejuvenate.

Japanese Citron - Bursting with citrus, this blend makes your nose tingle and body start to move. Fun, flirtatious and energetic.

Nama - Cool and refreshing, this peppermint green tea blend is reminiscent of your favorite spa.