Coffee Shop Fragrance Oil Collection

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Coffee Shop Fragrance Oil Collection

Authentic CocoaThe delicious authenticity of fresh hot cocoa after playing out in the cold snow.

Turkish MochaTake a walk through an exotic market! A spicy chocolate/coffee type with top notes of creamy maple butter, nutmeg, fresh orange. Middle notes of coconut, cocoa and sugary vanilla base.

Coffee BeanYou are personally invited to an exclusive European Coffee brewery! Our potent coffee bean scent is a relaxing blend that will take you to your happy place!

Snickers CoffeeEnjoy a sweet gourmet coffee shop treat without the calories! Fresh roasted coffee, creamy caramel and chocolate create a yummy blend. 

Cinnamon RollSwirls of cinnamon and sugary vanilla come together for this delicious scent.

Green TeaHerbaceous and green. This tea blend is subtle, yet comforting.